The concept

A tailor-made service for a turnkey acquisition.

Unique concept on the market, Rivero is the solution to delegate all the stages of your real estate project.

Buying a property can be tedious and complicated. Indeed, the acquisition of a real estate project needs several steps and actors like broker, real estate agent, notary, moving company, construction company, architect or accountant. The Office reinvents the acquisition of property and simplifies your transaction. Now, your acquisition has only one contact point from the beginning to the end: Rivero.

According to your needs, the Office is flexible and offers you different options to provide you a tailor-made service:

  • The Office assists you to obtain financing if you need it.
  • Prestigious properties can be proposed to help you find the perfect one.
  • Once you have found your property, the Office fully deals with the legal part and the notary's formalities.
  • A 3D modeling can be proposed to help you to see how your property could be organized.
  • A construction company manages works to personalize your interior and shape it to your image.
  • Your property is curated according to a theme of interior decoration previously defined by yourself.
  • Then, an efficient fiscal guidance can be offered to help you to optimise your investment.

Keep calm, Rivero takes care of everything!

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